Counterterrorism Mission: Apprehension, Extradition,And Legal Accountability


 “We are dedicated to apprehending and extraditing high-priority individuals linked to terrorist groups from foreign countries, ensuring their legal accountability within the United States. Our approach involves distinct steps:

A. Verification of individuals and current location, 

B. Capture of the most-wanted individuals supported by multiple proofs,

C. Transporting them to the US for judicial proceedings. In case of any complications, we are prepared to intervene decisively, providing the necessary evidence. All requests for targeting specific individuals must be submitted through the US State Department.”

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Evolved from a solo endeavor, we’ve grown into a global network with a focus on combating terror linked to human organs, drugs, and weapons trade. Engaging in mosques’ speeches, we operate within the core of terror groups, determined to halt their activities before they escalate. Our mission is clear: intercept and apprehend the most wanted terror groups, ensuring they face justice in US courts or face complete retribution.