Unveiling the Hidden Truths Governments Fear to Reveal.

Marja Square book and upcoming film series 
The CIA knew him as Shadow 13. The Cartel identified him as Matteo. His family knows him as Elan — as does Meir Dagan. A man with many secrets and identities, Matteo is driven by his impassioned commitment to discovering the fate of missing POWs and friends left for dead in desolate prisons. Relying on faith, courage, and resources built on years of clandestine activity, Matteo is determined to bring them home, whatever the cost. This meant living among his enemies in South America as one of them and becoming engaged to the daughter of a top local Hezbollah collaborator. Along the way he will expose to the world grim activities such as global terrorism, illegal arms shipping, the international drug trade operated by Iranian-backed terror groups, torture, and human organ trafficking. From Ecuador and Columbia to Iran, from Russia to Syria, Marja Square takes the reader on a sweeping, action-packed story based on real events. It’s a gripping autobiographical story extracted from the memories of one man who has been there, seen things up close, and was involved in many thrilling — and hard-to-believe — true events.