The state of Israel has labeled its soldiers as deceased hostages, a claim contradicted by evidence. Tzvi Feldman was alive in 2017 Montserrat

Ron Arad is confirmed alive as of 2017

Guy Hever is confirmed alive as of 2023
TASA Elite is committed to safely bringing them back home

Eli Cohen's burial location is disputed, with one source placing him in Damascus and another 22 kilometers outside the city. With coordinated efforts, his remains could be repatriated in under 3 weeks

Robert Levinson, last known alive in 2022
remains a focus for resolution.

Ahmad Motevaselian

Ali Khamenei, I understand that you want Ahmed Motevaselian, If so, follow my steps one by one. I take 7 alive and 2 dead. I will also give you as a bonus the 1982 audio tape of a call ordering the assassination of Ahmad Motevaselian from a top trusted Iranian