The Network

Discover the concise tale of Elan
NIssim founder of Tasa Elite network Group, His journey began in 1999
searching for the missing. In 2017, he chose exposure, rising above the
surface. By 2018, his network boasted 660+ “active agents” in areas like
Iran, Syria, and Lebanon. Today, the network spans over 900 agents,
ranging from defense ministers to chefs, strategically active in the
heart of terror. Experience the intelligence of a network that
anticipates and navigates the intricacies of impending threats.


Team & History


Our global team operates in regions where terrorist groups are active. Comprising members from various backgrounds, including Mahabharat, secret service, government officials, military generals, and personnel ranging from drivers to cooks, our focus spans across countries like Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan,Yemen,Qatar, Turkey, Libya, and beyond.